Apps for cross platform file share using internet


Windows (64-bit only)

Windows 10 (+)

Linux (64-bit only)

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macOS (64-bit only)

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Android 5 Lollipop (+)


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Filezard Privacy Policy

1. Information Collection
  • No user information is collected and stored by the app.
  • To provide file transfer service, ip address and variable port are temporarily stored by server

2. Log
  • No log information is collected

3. Change of this privacy policy
  • Filezard can revise the privacy policy for the purpose of reflecting the changes in the law or service.
    If the personal information processing policy is changed, the Filezard posts changes,
    and the changed personal information processing policy will be effective after 7 days from the date of posting.
    However, if you have any important changes in your rights, we will inform you about the change 30 days before.

This policy is effective as of 2024-05-14